Sometimes I think a little project is worth putting on the internet for general use. It’s a very small amount, mostly already quite old, but they might still be of some use to people.

Simple backup

Shell script, which executes under Bash and uses standard *nix tools like tar, grep, etc. Written because I needed an automated backup of my servers. The script is able to execute various pre- and post-scripts, which are quite easy to write.
It’s quite old, but for me it’s still useful (and in use).

Database Abstraction Layer (DAL)

A quite old Database Abstraction Layer for PHP.
Note: this is quite old, originally written for PHP3 somewhere in 2001. So chances are there are far better frameworks nowaydays.
The framework works with a “driver model” and supports “plugins” (Extensions)

Mobile Apps

I like to create mobile apps and sometimes they end up in the Play/App Store. Currently only one has ended up in the store called “My Home Battery”. I have a home battery and with this app I’m able to control it.