Add a new certificate in unify controller

I’m making use of Ubiquiti AP’s and therefore use the Unify software to manage them. I have it installed within an “ordinary” vm.
The software normally uses a self-signed certificate. This is not a big issue as it is my local network.

However Chrome starts warning more and more and Safari doesn’t seem to like the self-signed certificate at all after the latest updates. So it became time to install a “proper” certificate.

This little article explains how.

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Connect a record player to Squeezeboxserver

For my audio system I’m making use of Logitech Squeezeboxes, as I’ve converted most of my CD’s (yes I’m old ;)) to MP3 format. In this way I’m able to play/stream the same music throughout my house. Spotify is also integrated into this set-up so I’m able to play that as well.
But I also have a record player (old remember ;)) with vinyl records. It would be nice to play them through the same system….

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Using Rosette with UTM and Docker

When buying a new laptop I settled for a MacBook Pro with a M2 processor. As I was used to an Intel based MacBook Pro with virtual machines and Docker containers I keep searching for replacements for the functionality I was used to. Earlier I’ve written a blog post about running an Oracle Database on the M2 MacBook pro, this time I’d like to talk about using x86 based containers.

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