Quick submission of concurrent program in selfservice

Submitting a concurrent program via selfservice can be quite cumbersome for users. It’s possible to make their day a bit better by shortening the submission procedure…..

When you submit a concurrent program from Oracle Applications Self Service module there are a lot of screens to navigate through. 

  • Select the program that has to be started and optionally specify an identifying name
  • Fill in the nescessarry parameters
  • Choose a schedule
  • (Optional) choose the layout for XML publisher
  • Choose who to notify upon completion
  • Set Print options
  • Review all settings and submit

Walking though these screens can be quite cumbersome for users. So it’s no surprise I got the question from a customer if it was possible to shorten the submission screen a bit. While looking into a solution to submit the concurrent program via a custom built OA-Framework page I discovered it’s possible to provide the seeded OA-Framework page with parameters.
These parameters control whether all or some steps are shown. In other words: it’s possible to hide a few steps, exactly the thing the customer requested. 😀

Turns out there are quite a few parameters you can specify:

  • requestURL=<url>
    Controls where the user will be sent after the request is either submitted or when the cancel button is pressed
  • programApplName=<name>
    Controls which predefined program will be called, quite handy if you want the user to submit just one specific concurrent program
  • programDesc=<desc>
    The description under which the request becomes visible in the concurrent requests window
  • programRegion=Hide
    Hide the Region where the user can select a concurrent program.
    When you specify this option you need to specify the concurrent program via the programApplName parameter, else you get a nice error message.
  • parameterRegion=Hide
    Hides the concurrent programs parameters
  • scheduleRegion=Hide
    Hides the schedule step
  • notifyRegion=Hide
    Hides the who to notify upon completion step
  • printRegion=Hide
    Hides the print output step
  • pageTitle=<title>
    Sets a custom title for the page.

So it’s easy to change